Guest Post: Ongoing Party Trends #Update

Dressing up stunningly is the last thing on one’s mind during monsoon season. Heavy rains, flooded roads, damp weather, humid air and muddy roads are all set to turn your gorgeous flowy dress into hideous pile of dirt. But when it is about looking gorgeous for a party, no one can stop a Fashionista. She will step out of the house and with bang on style. Fashion is not wearing expensive clothing and accessories but carrying them right as per the weather, style trend and fashion trend going on.

Make-up Forever Moulin Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick (#43) vs Mac Maleficent True Love’s Kiss

Hola Beauties!
"I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss And a prince I'm hoping comes with this That's what brings everaftering so happy And that's the reason we need lips so much Four lips are the only things that touch So to spend a life of endless bliss Just find who you love through true love's kiss" - Giselle (Disney Enchanted)
The first Red Lipstick is always special as you spend considerable amount of time and money looking for the right match. My True Red obsession st

A Dove Play-date

Hola Lovelies! I had never really attended any bloggers' meet until the very recent one organised by Dove and Indiblogger! It started with a compelling Email sent by Indiblogger, inviting each of us to the Bloggers' meet arranged at J.W.Marriott which was enough to catch my eye. As my sister, also a blogger, decided to attend this meet, I knew the signal was green for me. I did have a moment of doubt on 11/05/2014 (Sunday: The day this event was held) as I deba

A Valentine’s Kiss: Select the perfect Lipstick

Hola Beauties, Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am really excited! Apart from dress selection I have also been fussing around the makeup! I am a big time lip junkie.. A Black Eyeliner and a Lipcolor is something I would never travel without.. apart from few other things ;) For Valentine's day think red, pink and peach lips as you dress up at your girly/ feminine best. Lip-color is very important for your over all look and I go crazy on lip products! I have a few suggestions on lip-co

Inglot Midnight Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

Hey, Inglot is an amazing brand that offers various products rich in pigmentation and colorful! It is also very budget friendly and perfect for you in case you hope to get an excellent product without causing your wallet and credit card much agony. I had updated few tips for my shopaholic sweet-hearts here and shared a recent mishap. Nonetheless, my shopping spirit still survived the

Bright eyes: Three latest trends for the party look!

Getting ready for new years eve and wondering about the eye make-up to be applied? Well I have the solution to your little eye make-up dilemma. Trend 1: Metallic has made it to the year end essential list due to its sophisticated and versatile nature. Metallic makeup can add the extra glam you don't want to miss out this new years eve. I have some tips, I stumbled upon this morning, to share with you: 1) Prep: Prepare your skin using the right moisturizer and primer. Its ver

Hermes Scarf Styling App

Scarfs are mini boons and dream come true for creating stylish look which doesn't have to be styled by an expert! It indeed requires a bit of dexterity and knowledge which most of us are either unaware of or chose to ignore. Luxury label Hermès decided to make our lives easier by launching an IOS app Silk Knots. From Cover-ups to Bandana to my personal favorite 'turban', this ap