5 things that made you own the Summer 2016

The Autumn Winter fashion has already started pouring its way down on our head while we sun bathe on a beach. Here is the fashion recap to most loved summer/ spring fashion:
  1. Shake your Pom Pom- Pom Pom accessories are cute and super hot this season. Be the show-stopper with these bold and cute fun balls- No strings attached! 67232.1.zoom

Wrath of Mumbai Auto-Rikshaws!

Relief was the first reaction followed by a happy face when my auto rickshaw driver waded through the walls of great traffic and ensured I reach office on time today. I could have kissed the top of his head if only he was not so sweaty and my action would have not provoked assault/ rape in the middle of a busy day! When I say 'my' rickshaw-wala I mean 'my partially' for the moment owned riksha, whom, under any other circumstances I would be cursing inevitably. The change of perception can be