It’s December and we are supposed to have official winters in Mumbai and around. The city has been warmest this year with a day or two of mild cold. Being in a city that has only summers and rains as its seasons has its perks and negatives. Perks being the fact that we, Mumbaikars, are active 24*7; this city never has to sleep and nobody turns into a popsicle¬†here. That takes the load off our heads to buy those extra jackets, overcoats, mittens, boots bla bla bla.. I can keep going with the never ending winter needs.

Though it sounds like I hate the icy chills down my spine on contrary I miss cuddling my blanket for the coziest feeling in the world. Yes, I miss those winter snugs and rosy cheeks (no blush needed!). I had to feel like winters without turning into a walking furnace for the mild Mumbai winters (Almost). As the patchwork has been around the corner throughout this year, I got myself a bunch of those patches and stuck them on Denim Jacket over buying a new one. Wearing a thin tee-shirt like turtleneck crop top (bonus if you find one with cold shoulders) with a thin cotton blend slip dress gave me the illusion of layers and winters without boiling me to death.

The state of mind and feeling the winters through layers can be one if the best things in Mumbai Winters!!

Outfit Details:
1) Slip Dress: Asos
2) Turtleneck Top: Forever21 India
3) Boyfriend Denim Jacket: Levis
4) White Sneakers: New Look

So how did you wrap the winter around this year?