Jumpsuit: Pretty Little Things
Shoes: London Rebel
Bag: Bershka
Lips: Kat Von D liquid lip


Recently, I had updated my Facebook cover picture as lord shiva (Hindu Mythology), also renowned for his spirituality and a friend of mine questioned since when was I spiritual. I may be a borderline atheist/ partial agnostic, I choose not to categorize myself,   but I am drawn to beauty. The literal meaning of spirituality taken off a dictionary would be ‘the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things’, which is what art is to me.

Though represented through a physical medium, it can be seen and unseen by people differently and yet, for me, it represents a part of one’s soul that one chooses to bare for the naked eye to catch. Art builds up around us in profound forms that is unique to each individual. For a narcissistic their body is a form of art they adore and appreciate. For a painter it is as spirituality says ‘human spirit/ soul’ painted with a few brush strokes on a piece of canvas or paper. An art is a part of who you are, at that very moment, when you decided to decode your emotions into a physical algorithm of ingenious colours. For a gardener, it is the love, care and soul he pours into mother earth to find his inspiration. For a coder, it is essentially the web of binaries he weaves through his course of time.

In the world of muffled screamed, tormented silences and hashtagged emotions, we all choose art in some way or the other to manifest ourselves and to remain in touch with the reality. If only we spoke out aloud right? Understood the dust particle we can be of the never ending pillar in this universe lasting only a microsecond of the world’s time frame?

So if you ask me, am I spiritual? I do not know. I try to find beauty in the places most people may not look. Spiritual or not, I do know that art is what elevates me and makes me one with the earth simultaneously. It is where I pour my soul and untold emotions, graciously and at-times, rather aggressively, in some physical memory of that second that could last me a lifetime.