Dress: Asos
Shoes: Little Mistress
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Eyes: Dessert Dusk Palette- Huda Beauty
Lips: Kiss of Fire – Dose of colours
Highlight and Contour – Tarte Cosmetics


It’s my birthday! Wohoo!!

Overtime, you learn to focus on your happiness and growing old does not seem as bad as it used to. Every chapter, every hug you receive writes a new story and chapter you embrace graciously, at times with folded arms. We build layers to our aura permitting someone to peel one at a time and often pushing the blessing away. But what is a chapter that has no test? What is a silver platter served if it makes you feel entitled?

We all crave freedom of mind, body and soul, yet we bind ourselves in enslavement through years discovering the precious seconds left and lost in meaningless pages left unwritten. Silent screams of heart is continually ignored while we hide playing the victim to the games of our brain and past. So, though our lips speak of freedom, we put our inner child, heart and happiness in the shackles created within us. Where is freedom in that? What happened to the values, principles and inner peace? Why bind ourselves and stop emotions from flowing freely along the river of bitter sweet life?

Today or tomorrow I would not become the fatality to be sucked into the never ending blackhole that I fabricated. I may have walls I hold up high, but when someone knocks it down, I will wave the white flag. I would say forgive the world if you think they stole your freedom, forgive yourself for everything you may or may not have done. Aim for a cognitive age that truly sets you free, aim to fly, to breathe and to be the wild child you were always meant to be.