Our Mood is an essential key to personal style and fashion; it’s all about the feeling of the day, highlighted by what you choose to wear. I often catch myself dressed up shabbily during the worst of my moments or sweatpants when I am in a laid back mood. Apart from retail therapy, dressing up makes up for the downs in my life. It started off as a curiosity that threw me off my comfort zone and led me to experiment with different looks. At times, I feel, style represents bits of jigsaw puzzles, except in this case there are no rules. You make and solve your own puzzle each time, reusing bits or introducing a random structure, you are always in control. If we were to look at personalized style from a minuscule perspective, maybe we would see the efforts, elements involved, and a result of a well-organized structure. You can be anything you want, each day, you can be something that conflicts your personality or says something about your mood of the day.

I guess in the end, style and fashion are just a tiny reminder that you can be who you want to be, whenever you want!

One shoulder bodysuit: Boohoo
Frill Skirt: Zara
Kitten heels: New Look
Sling Bag: Bershka
On my eyes: Nubian 2 by Juvias place
Foundation: Cinema Secrets
Cheek: Colourpop and Clinique cheek pop.
On my lips: Kylie’s dirty peach mixed with a tiny drop of Jeffree Star’s unicorn blood.
Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly hill Dip Brow Pomade in shade Ebony.
Highlighter: Moonchild by ABH
MUA: Adhishree Patil