A thought to ponder?

~ Beauty Lies in the eyes of the Beholder.... I travel by local transport every now and then in Mumbai (Err.. My now and then represents a prolonged gap of at-least few months...). Once in a while I wake up in the morning, cursing the Rikshawalas, my impractical driving skills and my drained account balance, determined to take the local buses as it seems that Mumbai Metros' will take an eternity to start (Trains? Hell no!). So, here I was this Sunday morning, travelling on a lo

Hope, Man and Miracles

Yellow Everyone! Summer has hit us hard early this year and its nearly unbearable! Mumbai's temperature has hit crazy 41 degree Celsius already which is insane from Mumbai's usual standards. Today, I will be sharing a very simple yet extra-ordinary incident I encountered yesterday. I decided to go shopping early in the morning and took a Rickshaw as the Mall was nearly 15 Kms away from my house. The Rickshaw driver's right hand had an elbow support and a bone sticking out at an awkward angle