Hola Lovelies!

I know and I am super sorry for being MIA for more than a week. I have been keeping very busy and my photographer had gone missing since he decided to spend Valentine’s week with his family! My Valentine’s Day did not turn out exactly the way I had imagined for one I let my girly nerve loose for two I spent the day in office, working. I did, however, have an amazing time on 16 Feb (Sunday) instead.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park: A huge protected area located in Borivalli (Mumbai) and notably one of the biggest national parks located within a metropolis limit. It also happens to be one of the most visited parks and a relief amongst Mumbai’s everyday traffic.

Normally I waste my Weekends partying or shopping, squeezing and managing just bare enough time for my boyfee. This weekend ended on a rather different note since I went for a trek with my office friends/ colleagues. The day started early as we wanted to get cycles on hire and SGNP has nearly 40 cycles to offer (INR 120/- per cycle) on rent. We cycled for nearly more than an hour one way finding our way to Kanheri Caves and trekking our way ahead!

I really do not want to lecture here, but I have to say we all can use a bit of freedom. When I say freedom here, I am actually referring to freedom of fresh and clean air, freedom of stepping into nature, freedom of building-less lands and honking free zones! The cycling and breathlessness given to long route and steep curves going up the hill is priceless. Despite being an ideal wild-life sanctuary, sadly I hardly saw any animals on my way except for a few monkeys snarling at us. I did spot a few eagles/ falcons circling above as we made our way up on the caves which is a scarce treat for Mumbaites.

If you stay in Mumbai/ visiting Mumbai for a few days, I would suggest that you Bookmark this place for a ‘must- visit’ list. Rare free paths with natural greenery (Roads could do with a bit of repairing work though) and far- away from sound pollution is a sure way of rejuvenating our body and mind (at a very cheap price).

Points to Ponder for the trip:

  • Backpack:  Prefer a small backpack over a handbag as its easier to peddle your way up and down the hill unless you are opting for a vehicle as mode of transportation to reach the caves. Vehicle will spoil the road trip fun though (Personal point of view).
  • Medical Kit: No need to carry a doctor’s bag but Relic Spray and band-aid can be of help in case of sudden emergencies. Try and carry antiseptic s and painkiller as well.
  • Water-bottle/ Glucose: If you are planning to walk/ cycle ensure that you carry a water-bottle and Glucose or any other energy drink. The Kanheri Caves are located nearly 6 km from the main entrance so make sure you keep the liquids handy.
  • Biscuits: As long as you intend to keep the park clean and don’t go throwing waste wrappers around, I would suggest you carry a few munchies as well for the way.
  • Cap: It will be very sunny by the time you make it to the caves. Caves are encarved spectacularly but you wont be inside the caves for too long. I would suggest the hike and trek up the hill and a cap would be a blessing under horrendous sun during summers.
  • Sun-Screen: Everyone loves a tan but sunburn can leave us crying like a baby! Be safe and keep a good sunscreen handy. Sadly, unlike most of my blessed Indian sisters I suffer from freckles so I have to keep the sunscreen close. I will review my suggested sunscreen for the next post.
  • Sun-Glasses: I find it tough to ride under the hard blazing sun and I am sure most of you all too. I would suggest that you opt for lighter shades like Filter 1 or Filter 2 at max as tall trees will block the sun rays eventually while riding.
  • Shoes: We are going trekking not to win a beauty pageant! Keep it sporty and flat.
  • Comfortable clothing: Opt for comfortable clothing like leggings or tracks instead of jeans for better experience. I carried a hooded shirt for an extra ‘just-in-case’ protection.
  • Good Quality Camera: Its a sin to visit exotic places without a camera. Capture the fun precious moments and cherish it for a lifetime as no two moments are the same.
  • Early Rise: The park opens up at 7.30 A.M in the morning and offers only 40 bicycles on hire. Be on time if you want an exhilarating experience with the nature instead of bus/ car ride.
  • Good Mood and Happy thoughts!

I have been staying in Mumbai for nearly a lifetime now but my roots are from Himalaya. The trip surely awakened the sentiment within me that there is nothing more appealing than the nature. We walk a very strenuous path full of rules and obligations. No Spa or therapy can heal a human body the way nature does nor can any fragrance (Including my personal favorite Mademoiselle) appeal to our senses as petrichor does.

For who we are and we shall always be,
The genesis of flying soul, we shall forever remain free…

Its Friday and I will be doing a Photoshoot this weekend (Cheers to my Photographer), stay tuned!

~Much Love