Mumbai has been pouring crazy over last couple of weeks and making up for the lost rainfall last year. Pardon me for clicking the new shoot in a balcony but I was too lazy to use the common area or the building front- Using roads were out of the question because we would have gotten drenched and we had a flat tire that served as a cherry on the top.

We decided to get the pictures anyways since my main motive is to write about the latest trends and fashion ideas over a better background. I had mentioned the top 5 closet must haves for the SS16 in my previous post; If you didn’t get a chance to read it, it’s absolutely fine because I have borrowed some trends from SS16 which will remain on the top of our shelves in AW16 as well.

  1. Chokers- The chokers have a majestic and elite look (Yes, it can be punk and grunge as well); I am wearing an ethnic silver choker.
  2. Off-shoulder Top- I had purchased this off-shoulder top last year from Forever21 Online store and it is one of the best things I have bought, to be honest. I absolutely adore it, it is cute and makes me feel amazing when I wear it. Since the trend for off shoulder seems to stick around for a while, I am bringing out my old closet to reuse instead of splurging on sales and more items.
  3. Satin/ Shine- The Metallics are going strong as always and we have progressed to Satin for all that glitter. The Satin patchwork bomber jackets have been the shining star for the AF16 collection. Satin slip dress have also made its way from bedroom to the streets for an everyday ramp. I choose a more comfortable form for Satin with the long pleated skirt, it has just the perfect sheen needed for the winters!







I have fallen in love with the naked Sandals this season, they are fun and stunning. They give your feet an extra appeal and grace.