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Another year has almost come to an end, making me more happier than usual. This was an unusual year with major life-changing events, a year that threw me off-guard and now that it is ending, I feel like a new-born all over again. Surprisingly, when you hit the rock bottom and everything is blurry, all you have to do is hold on and find your inner strength to bounce right back. I promise you, the light after the dark, its everything. I am so happy to have been able to re-launch as and honeslty, I would like to thank all of the people who supported me so much in this past one year. I love all of you!

Time fly’s by as seasons per season wrap us around in warmth of love and new trends. 90’s and 80’s have always been around the corner waiting for their time to come. This was an eventful year with sheer fashion to barely their boots and hippie’s joint (pun intentded). I quit my job this year in Feb and taught myself the best thing ever: Smart shopping. I have been looking at variety of websites and places to get those trendy stuff for a better pricing. For instace, I love the trendy fringed flared cropped jeans I have worn for my fall look but I didnt want to go hungry for weeks to get myself one. Finally, I stumbled upon this site: and found everything I have been looking for. For me, living in Mumbai, the joy of full fledged fall fashion is a dream. Buying an overcoat or jacket worth $100 would be stupidity since the winters merely brush us by.


These pair of jeans are amazingly comfortable, streachable and soft. I know its not a pair you would wear for the supermarket. The trend, however, is a must have. The boho flares caught us offguard this season the same way as offshoulders did. From, flares to turtleneck, everything has been backtraced to our recent fashion history.


Get the look by spending under $60:

  1. The chic flared tassels jeans c/o lightnbox:
    Flared Jeans
  2. Flared sleeves turtle neck top: Lightnbox
    More Options here and here
  3.  Leather Jacket: Similar
    Here and Here.

I am surpised at the quality for such a good price!

Makeup Details:

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Face: Primer by @lauramercier
Foundation-Perfectionish youth infusing broad spectrum SPF 25 by @esteelauder shade:2w2
Eyes: Mordern renaissance palette by@anastasiabeverlyhills
Highlight and contour palette by@katvondbeauty
Oh my lips: talk that talk from Riri collection@maccosmetics mixed with liquid lipstick by @chamborgeneva shade 482