Spring Summer


Dressing up randomly is the best we can have in this dubious lifetime then why waste the opportunity? Every woman is beautiful and yet we live in a hypocrite world where objectification of women is a must. Though not everybody is privileged enough to have a personal shopper and makeup artist ready to re-vamp your attire, we make the best out of what we can. I have been asked before, on multiple occasions, if I dress up to impress men. Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know that being slightly narcissistic can help along with the love for your passion. It’s a crime to make a woman feel any less of herself. I wonder who wrote the laws on ‘standards of beauty’ or magazine pretty? We are all the best versions of ourselves and anyone who pulls us down is not worthy of our attention!

Nobody is perfect and yet a woman spends an entire lifetime of harsh judgment endowed from the day she is born. Being a stylist and shopper for myself is my euphoria, it drives me through a rainy day. What is your kryptonite?







Top- Zara
Shoes- Zara
Jeans- Stradivarius
Handbag- Bershka
On my lips- Makeup Forever Moulin Rouge #43
On my eyes- Urban Decay Naked 3