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The Indian tradition has taught us humility and a humble outlook towards life which trickles down through the generations and fills our aspirations & life ambition with dreams of a gold filled subdued locker tucked away safely for a rainy day.

The younger genes, however, have finally started realizing that it’s not worth living if we live to survive. The hand to mouth culture is perhaps more famous in the west where they have a more secure future- I am open to the ambiguity of this statement. The extreme political tsunami lasting and drowning India for ages has swept away most of the economic growth which could have made a worldwide impact rather than nationwide. India has brilliant raw talent despite which we struggle each day, juggling between saving the hard earned money to spending just enough for a drop-dead gorgeous look.

I have been jobless for over months now ( Looking!) and have come to a conclusion that may be it was time to hold my horses on the on-going sales, latest trends and the it-girl game. When one follows trends religiously, they know how the history repeats itself and so does fashion..

Sometimes the old school concept of re-use and recycle sets our fashion needs free. I know the cold shoulders have been a thing to flaunt for a while but the couture did lean towards our one sided friend as well for the summer spring 2016. I had purchased a one shoulder dress by AND nearly 6/ 7 years ago (kept new with tags for all these years). The entire look of this week is based on gifted and reused items. The skirt and scarf was a gift from France and the Aldo shoes are nearly 2 years old. The sunglasses are by ASOS ordered back in 2013!

So much for the penny saver huh? Well to spice up the one shoulder we can always experiment with the cloth glue and an extra layer to add frills and thrills. All it takes is a bit of creativity and patience to lighten the burden befallen on our wallets.

So how did you recycle your fashion closet this year?