~ Beauty Lies in the eyes of the Beholder….

I travel by local transport every now and then in Mumbai (Err.. My now and then represents a prolonged gap of at-least few months…). Once in a while I wake up in the morning, cursing the Rikshawalas, my impractical driving skills and my drained account balance, determined to take the local buses as it seems that Mumbai Metros’ will take an eternity to start (Trains? Hell no!). So, here I was this Sunday morning, travelling on a local bus to visit my favourite store and pick up a few stuff for the busy day ahead, when the realisation struck me.

I love animals and animal prints for a fact (:P ), jokes apart, but do I really trust the humans? Funnily enough, at a traffic junction, a man entered the bus and started distributing a drink in the name of God (It happened to be a sacrament from a local Gurudwara as a good-will). As much as my faith has kept me going through all these years, I could not bring myself to drink the holy water and had to refuse politely. The time spun forward and I had a new thought to ponder for the rest of my journey.. Did I really trust the humans around me?

The greed and manipulation has degenerated and darkened our cores to an extent that we can no longer distinguish between the people in need and people of evil deeds. The population of beggars and homeless people at every traffic junction increases with each passing day. Small children are taught to annoy and run after everyone, begging for money and food. Older generation beg to survive their ending days. But how to know if its of need or mere step towards a more rotten society?

I have heard this story from a couple and their little kid at different locations in Mumbai, over and over again, about how they got lost in the Big city without money and roof to stay as their distant- heartless relative refused to take them in. What if at some point it was true for someone? Will I help them now? Hail to all the pretends I doubt it.

An animal is so pure in its intent that I know it would love me with all its soul. I would not think once before hugging a stray dog for I know that the happiness I gave, meant something to that pure hearted innocence. Its the only fresh breeze I feel amongst the stinking humanity.

The third gender/trans-gender is looked down upon and forced to beg for no-one would offer them jobs or respect. ‘Humans’ go to another level and use the term ‘eunuch’ as their idea of a deliberate insult/ abuse to one another. Wonder if being a trans-gender takes away their feelings or will to live? Isn’t the society responsible for outcasting a perfectly good heart?

Should I trust such humanity? The price of being one with the society is too steep and dangerous which none of us should pay. I prefer taking the road to love and kindness, a path which is fading away from our day-to-day hectic life….