Lulus is one of the most fashion fanatic yet affordable brand out there. I love nearly all the clothing they have to offer at such amazing price! Long gowns can be smart, casual, formal, fun and utterly sexy. It suits all body-types and its extremely easy to carry it off. Perfect for every occasion and versatile; I love maxi dresses for being uber comfortable.




Shoes- New Look



Hat- Forever New


Bag- Tatai


Necklace- Asos

When I was in France earlier this year, I had worn this dress accompanied with a leather jacket. Despite being a smart option with a leather jacket I decided to just let it loose this one time and focus on the best aspect of the moment! Just in case you are looking for this dress you can buy it here.

Tie and Dye dresses were seen back on the shelves as well. I, especially, love these ones I have been eyeing on lulus site-




Sometimes, I hate the shipping costs involved being involved in a love affair with a foreign land’s couture. Unless a friend of mine happily does this as a favour and gets little bundle of my joys wrapped somewhere in their luggage; I tend to avoid the custom charges which can burn me faster than the witches in medieval ages!

I found some affordable dresses on sale on Amazon.in; which saves us money, time and headaches of convincing someone!


How to boss a Maxi dress? Beware funky ideas ahead-

  • Opt for a denim jacket or leather jacket for a smart day outfit!
  • Wear it with strappy sandals or pom pom sandals (They are super hot this season and I will show you soon how to create a super cheap DIY soon)
  • A sling patch work bag for a fun funky look.
  • Dare it with sneakers and a cap- Badass woman!
  • Fringes to boho rescue.

~ Cya next week! 🙂