Aldo- Smooth Leather Cleaner

Aldo- Smooth Leather Cleaner

I’ve never met a single female who is not crazy about their shoes. Shoes, after all does speak a lot about a person’s personality. The brands can ensure comfortable shoes with long shelf life but nothing can save them from the harsh dust and mud! I realized recently my Nude heels (Aldo) had gone very dirty and I was pretty clueless on how to clean it. The last time I visited them to get a pair of shoes for myself, I did pick up this Leather Cleanser to see if it could save my life.

Aldo- Smooth Leather Cleaner

a) Packaging:

The packaging is cute but I did flinch a bit at the price I paid to get this tiny 50g tube, praying hard that it would work. It has a sponge on top so that acts as an added advantage for we don’t have to go on a separate sponge hunt. The cap fits and covers the sponge completely though I have my doubts about carrying this in my purse as the cap comes off easily.

b) Product Description:

When the tube is squeezed the gel is absorbed by the sponge and we can rub the tip of the sponge on the dirty leather shoes to clean. The watery-gel like cleanser produces sufficient lather when rubbed gently against any surface.

What do I like about this product?

  • My shoes had been a bit worn off over time and looked dull. The cleansing liquid helped restore its original shine back.
  • Systematic and effortless to use.

What did I dislike about this product?

  • Pricing: 50g for INR 600.
  • Not effective on stubborn or old stains.
  • Can peel the leather off an old pair of shoes if used with slight pressure.

Rating: C-

Will I buy this product again?

No, this leather cleaner beats the purpose of me looking frantically for one.

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  1. Hi Pinjil,
    Thanks for the review on Aldo clean- smooth leather cleaner, if you find any better leather cleaner please do not forget to share with us.