SS 16- Metallic Pleats

The last winter and this summer collaboratively made way for a festive metallic trend! I have seen so many bloggers and celebrities don this trend in a fresh and innovative way. Owing to the fact I am petite I realized wearing a jumper or a long silk white shirt with a belt didn't quite suit my frame. I wanted to go with a baseball cap and white/ white floral sneakers but stuck to the classic old black sandals instead.

During my hunt for a photographer; I did

Stirring the Fire!

When the inspiration strikes, it's drawn towards you through the darkest corners of your life. I have been on a path of salvation for over a month as I ditch the most important people and moments for peace and to torment myself with regrets. The night falling on my precious dreams and aspirations has been fading away the power of words I cosseted my entire life. I spent my Saturday closed up in the four walls of my room, eating home cooked noodles and goggling at online stores for window shoppi

Hope, Man and Miracles

Yellow Everyone! Summer has hit us hard early this year and its nearly unbearable! Mumbai's temperature has hit crazy 41 degree Celsius already which is insane from Mumbai's usual standards. Today, I will be sharing a very simple yet extra-ordinary incident I encountered yesterday. I decided to go shopping early in the morning and took a Rickshaw as the Mall was nearly 15 Kms away from my house. The Rickshaw driver's right hand had an elbow support and a bone sticking out at an awkward angle