Peach Pop and Plum Pop

R- Peach Pop (02) and L-Plum Pop (04)

R- Peach Pop (02) and L-Plum Pop (04)

Peach Pop Blush (02):

Personal Take:

The packaging for the Pop blushes is super cute with a little flower carved and transparent boxes. They are completely unscented and tested for allergies.
These powdered blushes are amazingly creamy and rich in terms of application. It glides evenly on the skin with one stroke of the blush brush and has an easily bendable soft texture. The color-pay off is brilliant and the blush does not highlight the cheek pores.

The stay time of these blushes is nearly around 8-9 hours, fading evenly over the time.

Peach Pop Blush

Peach Pop Blush

Its a must have beauty product!!

Product Rating: A+