Dressing up stunningly is the last thing on one’s mind during monsoon season. Heavy rains, flooded roads, damp weather, humid air and muddy roads are all set to turn your gorgeous flowy dress into hideous pile of dirt. But when it is about looking gorgeous for a party, no one can stop a Fashionista.

She will step out of the house and with bang on style. Fashion is not wearing expensive clothing and accessories but carrying them right as per the weather, style trend and fashion trend going on. The current party trend for the monsoon season is all about bright and vibrant flowy dresses, glittery sparkling dresses, sequenced clutch bags and dazzling heels.

Vivacious colors will make you pop out of the crowd, looking like a ray of sunshine peeking out of dull and dark monsoon clouds. Sequences and glitters will add a razzling dazzling perky style to your personality. Monsoon Season fashion trends brings out the bold and energetic side of your personality with a touch of elegance.

I have put together 3 best party looks for monsoon season over here. Let’s have a look at them!

Look One

Sparkling Champagne- Cocktail Party Look

Cocktail party

Cocktail parties are timed at night mostly so you need to jazz it up with a beige sequenced bodycon dress. Bodycon dress are a-must have for the night parties. They are sexy, sensuous and hot, giving you a feminine femme fatale look. Bring it out with a sequenced golden clutch bag, a pair of golden stilettoes and ear cuffs. If ear cuffs are not your style, try out solitaire studs. While grabbing that party look, do not forget your nails. Try this cute, bubbly nail art in beige!

Nail Art

Look Two

Elegant Brunch Wedding Look

Since the weather is all time gorgeous and refreshing these days, afternoon weddings are becoming a trend. After all, even Shahid got married in a day wedding ceremony.

Afternoon wedding

Wear a gorgeous pastel colored sequenced flowy maxi dress with a pair of golden peep toes, turquoise blue earrings and a golden sequenced clutch bag. Maxi dresses in soft delicate fabrics are a hot pick of the season. They are sexy, suit every body type and are great for the hot humid monsoon weather. Since, it is a day wedding; you can avoid all the dark makeup or smoky eyes. Keep it natural with sheer natural makeup. You can play up your eyes with light eye shadow and a hint of golden eye shadow.

Nail Art

Look Three

Upbeat Beach Party look

Monsoon seasons can be a perfect time for beach parties. When it is not raining, beaches look pretty. Not just beaches, pool parties during monsoon season are a happening place for fashion loving people. How about bringing out yourself as a colorful vivacious, effervescent butterfly in this cool beachy maxi dress. The unique combination of colors, fresh bright prints and its made to wear for beach look is ravishing.

beach party

Style it up with a pair of dazzling orange and blue studded dangle earrings, orange pair of heels, and a sexy orange clutch bag. Do not forget to perk up your eyes with orange eye shadow or green liner. You can play up your nails as well with this cute neon nail art!

Nail Art

Try these stunning party looks for monsoon season. Play up with bright colors and soft delicate flowy fabrics. Apply only waterproof makeup in this season and do not forget to spray on a makeup settling spritz.

Nail art by Minakshi Pharswal

Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India’s leading online fashion destination. Being a crazy shopper and blogger, she keeps an eye on latest trends in shopping, fashion and accessories and write about them.