Getting ready for new years eve and wondering about the eye make-up to be applied? Well I have the solution to your little eye make-up dilemma.

Trend 1: Metallic has made it to the year end essential list due to its sophisticated and versatile nature.

Metallic makeup can add the extra glam you don’t want to miss out this new years eve. I have some tips, I stumbled upon this morning, to share with you:

1) Prep: Prepare your skin using the right moisturizer and primer. Its very essential for achieving the right eye make up usually missed by a lot of females for saving time! No matter how good the eye-make up is, it will never look right without the preparation and perfection!

2)Layer: Use a pale shadow as a base before applying the darker shades to avoid the creases and patches over the lid.

3) Mix: Mix the various metallic shades to achieve the desired look! Champagne blends with most of the skin types.

4) Blend: For blending the metallic shades brush may not give you satisfactory results. Try dipping your fingers instead for mixing the two colors and applying on the tip of your eyelids.

Trend 2: Glitter bright!

Over sized silver/ gold sparkles shone splendidly on the run way AW13. Its time to get a little glitter on your eyes and dazzle the evening!

1) Getting the right size: The glitter particles come in various sizes and has to be selected carefully. Finer particles are easier to apply and they look very elegant. For a glam party look you can opt for larger particles.

2) Elegant Glitter: If you wish to create a sophisticated look using glitter then stick to a liner. Work with colors like black, bronze, green or indigo as they are easier to work with compared to silver, red or any other light color.

Start by creating a base for the glitter, you may use Kajal to create a winged line. Next take the eyelash glue, dab a bit over the liner and immediately apply the glitter from glitter pot using another brush. Wait for few seconds to let the glue dry.

3) Setting the Particles: Use additional product like gel/ medium available at the cosmetic stores to ensure the glitters doesn’t fall or move. You can also use Vaseline if you can not get your hands on any product.

Trend 3: Colored eyeliners:

Colored eyeliners are specially meant for you if you do not have the time/ adroitness to add glitters or metallic eye shadow.

The Color payoff is much stronger and its easier to blend. You can wear metallic to smoked out shade depending on your outfit. The application of a creamy eye liner is much more easier than any eye-shadow/ glitter which tends to bleed or can spread easily by an inexperienced hand.

Will be updating my new look: ‘Up all Night’ within few hours, hope you have the right eye makeup for the new years eve ready!