Clinique Plum Pop (04) blush and quickliner for eyes intense

Cheek Pop Blush: Plum Pop (04)

Cheek Pop Blush: Plum Pop (04)

Hey Beauty-freaks!

Clinique’s cheek pop blushes have been practically all over, ever since their big chubby launch. Finally Clinique has launched two shades: Plum Pop (04) and Berry Pop (03) in India Priced at 2100/-

I had already grown impatient to get my hands on these babies and luckily ordered Peach Pop (02) from Clinique US. I will be posting Peach Pop blush’s review very soon.

Clinique Plum Pop Blush (Personal take on the product):

Packaging is super cute and colourful for all four blushes with a tiny flower engraved! I was almost tempted to keep it untouched (Yeah, I have these pangs for few super cute products). I had originally planned on getting Berry Pop but ended up getting plum pop since Berry Pop is a slightly darker and more pinker than Plum Pop. Plum pop is a really plummy and cool color.

Clinique Plum Pop (04) blush and quickliner for eyes intense

What I love about Cheek Pop blushes, apart from the colors, is that they are super smooth and creamy. It is a powder blush and yet the outcome is very rich and creamy. The application is easy and even. It blends incredibly with or without a brush! You can control the intensity of the color by applying more of it for a deeper, more flushed look or just a tiny bit for the slight cute girl blush look. The stay-time is another plus point for these pop blushes. They last for good 7- 8 hours, fading slightly afterwards.

Like most of the Clinique products, it is allergy tested and 100% Fragrance free!

Clinique Plum Pop (04) blush and quickliner for eyes intense

 Product Rating: A

Its priced at $ 21 in US and 2100/- in India.. I hate the pricing difference.. 🙁

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense Review (Personal take on the product):

I love Gold Color and as I was about to step out I noticed the eyeliners and my heart melted for gold! I bought shade 13, intense Peridot which is a dark bronze gold with shimmer. It comes with a smudger tip using which you can create a smokey look but that has to be done within 60 seconds of application. It is smudge proof and water-proof and lasts for good 8- 9 hours easily, fading slightly over time. The best part about these eyeliners is that they can be used for the inner rim of the eye! They are super creamy and give a smooth application! Its Allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.

R- Smudger tip

R- Smudger tip

L-(Quickliner Intense), R- Plum Pop Blended

L-(Quickliner Intense), R- Plum Pop

Product Rating: B+ 

Have you tried any of these babies yet? I will be back with my review on Peach Pop Blush…

~Blushing Beauty!