Penny-wise with eyeconic!

We all crave for a pretty eye make-up especially when one hardly has any eyelashes on herself (just my luck). I have tried and tested a vast range of kohl as well as eye- liners in the past 6 years. Anyways, of lately I found myself being very faithful towards Mac and Revlon roll-on colorstay eyeliner, though it was a huge bomb on my budget as I use eyeliner on regular basis. I simply love to apply a lot of Kohl and adore dark eye make-up. Ah! Not to forget the mysterious disappearances of my K

Fall/Winter 2013- Briefing on clothing and ongoing trends!

Spring fashion had our head spinning this year with the new metallic  sheer clothing, Boho inspired looks, clear plastics, androgynous fashion, black- white patterns and much more!   The cut-away clothing, crop tops and bikinis had each of us running back to the gym every now and then. While light colors and shades add to your glow in the shimmering summer sun, woolen clothes add grace and warmth in the cold winter breeze. The romantic monsoon magic is slowly waning an