We all crave for a pretty eye make-up especially when one hardly has any eyelashes on herself (just my luck).
I have tried and tested a vast range of kohl as well as eye- liners in the past 6 years.

Anyways, of lately I found myself being very faithful towards Mac and Revlon roll-on colorstay eyeliner, though it was a huge bomb on my budget as I use eyeliner on regular basis. I simply love to apply a lot of Kohl and adore dark eye make-up. Ah! Not to forget the mysterious disappearances of my Kohl pencil/ eye-liners from my handbag (Oops).
As usual I lost my supposed-to-be-spare eyeliner today and panicked. I frantically searched for it in-vain, post which I decided to buy a new one before I met my Boyfriend for our date (I dint want him to ‘not’ recognize me). I ran into a cosmetic store and picked up my usual Revlon colorstay eyeliner. I was about to make the payment when I found myself reaching out to grab a Lakme eye-conic kajal placed neatly in front of me. Despite being dicey about changing my eyeliner brand I thought what the hell! I might as well give it a shot since it costed only 199 bucks.

Lakme Eyeconic Black Eyeliner

Lakme Eyeconic Black Eyeliner

I haven’t used Lakme Kohl in years however I feel I deserve a pat on my back for picking it up today. Surprisingly the kohl lasted on me for more than 8 hours. Here is a picture of me at the end of my date around 9.30 P.M wherein I had applied the Kajal around 1.30 P.M, no touch-ups in between.

Penny Saver all day eye-liner

Penny Saver all day eye-liner

Apart from picking up eyeliner and kajal today, I also got myself a cute yellow cotton skirt and black studded headband! Over-all a penny saver day since I got the skirt on sale and found a great kajal at a way cheaper price for daily use!

Cant wait to update a Street-style look with my new warm yellow skirt soon!

Skirt: Kazo Lakme Eyeconic Black Eyeliner Headband: Ayesha

Skirt: Kazo
Lakme Eyeconic Black Eyeliner
Headband: Ayesha

Will be updating a new look and post soon!


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