A Valentine's Pout

Hola Lovelies!

Its a bright sunny day outside with slight warm pleasant climate. I have been keeping busy with the helping my folks with the New Home shifting and all. I have not shot any look in almost over a week now and can not tell you how many of them I have on my mind. Sadly, I am so short on time! Anyways, hopefully I will get a OOTD shot done tomorrow so stay tuned. I had suggested few handpicked lipsticks and shades you can opt for the Valentine’s Day in my previous post but how about perfecting your pout? Is a Lipstick enough to give you the soft luscious look or should we go an extra mile for perfecting our pout?

What is a Lipstick without the perfect pout?

Grandma’s Remedy:

  • Apply pure Almond oil/ Honey on your lips and leave it overnight to get softer lips for the Big Date!
  • Scrub strawberries across your lips for softer results!

Always Remember Ladies!

  • Invest in a good lip color which sticks for hours else you will find yourself running towards the restroom every now and then for reapplying your makeup which can be a turn off for your date.
  • Stick to matte/ semi-matte as the stay time is better.
  • Avoid lipsticks that can leave you with Bleeding Lips or colored teeth (Urrgh spare the Horror of Halloween Bride).
  • If you are applying bold and bright colors then fill the color on your lips straight from the tube and then use brush to fill the corners and outlining for precision. Wiping the extra lip color off your chin and cheek can leave you going nuts if you are not precise, trust me for I love bright colors.. 😉
  • You can also opt for Lip Liners to avoid the bleeding lips and making sure that the lip color stays on the lips for longer time.
  • Bright colors can pop out the paleness of your teeth. V-Day is only a week away and its high time we give up coffee stains on our teeth. Detoxify your body by avoiding caffeine  or any teeth staining products. Brush Twice and start Flossing and use of Mouth Wash to keep your smile healthy. It will serve as a Extra plus for your V’day Kiss.

Perfecting your pout for the Big V-Day:

  1. Scrub: Use a mild scrub to gently get rid of the dead skin around and on your lips.
  2. Concealer: Apply concealer near the lips outline to get a even skin color around the lips. Bright and light colors can really Pop out the color difference!
  3. Lip Balm/ Lip Conditioner: Dab a bit of clear lip balm/ lip conditioner (Preferably with SPF) on your lips to get softer results. If you have opted for a Matte Shade this will help with your lipstick application since some matte lipsticks can leave you with the feeling of war instead of romantic drive during its application.
  4. Lip Liner: Use a lip liner to draw the perfect pout or draw a line around your lips using a lip brush and the lip Pencil/ Lip Color.
  5. Lipstick: Apply your lipstick straight from the tube or use a brush for more precision and Viola! You are all set to rock!

Hope your as excited as I am for the love of Feb!