I was, I am and I think I always will be a shopaholic.

The Clearance Sale has started almost everywhere and there is no turning back once the Card has been swiped! Usually the companies do not offer Exchanges/ Refund for the sale merchandises.

Shopaholisam is an Art which many fail to understand and use. Shopaholics are always blamed for going over the board and are often considered compulsive. Especially during the Sale period where we often end up buying stuff which are neither needed nor good. There have been quite a few times where I ended up purchasing clothes that I never wore! Sale sounds too good to be true and is tempting enough to mislead. No one has a 100 percent guaranteed fool-proof method for wise shopping. Shopaholics can use their good knowledge and previous mistakes to shop cleverly.

I do have a tried & tested method for controlling my shopping spree during the sale, though you may feel free to find one of your own if this does not help.

1) Decide:
Deciding is the most basic step for concentrating your shopaholic energy and giving it a good direction. So you have heard your favorite brand is on Sale? How to shop effectively then?

a) Decide your targets at least one night before your shopping spree. For example, decide if you want a jacket or a dress or need both! If its a jacket then think if you want classy/ military/ sleeveless etc. Try imagining the Outfits you can style up using this jacket and how often can it be used. Most of the brands have an online website now! If it helps spend a few hours surfing each website and pin- point what will you like to buy.

b) Decide your budget!
Make up your mind and have a word with your Bank account balance! Its very important to consider it during your shopping equation. You have to decide on a budget that you can spend without hurting your ‘precious’ (Yes I am still referring to your account balance and not your Boy-friend/ Hubby). Always ensure that you keep some extra cash as well for ‘just-in-case’ situation. Going shopping on a restrained budget never works! In fact it gives you the last nudge of breaking free and throws you over board.
Keep a secret stash of small cash aside apart from your regular budget for a last moment thing you may like. How does this work? You feel guilty about using your secret stash on an instant and Bam! You wont be on a lookout for anything else. This method ensures that your card does not see the mall-light during the shopping spree!


2) Aim:

During your shopping and shop hopping ensure you have your aim clear and in front of you. If you are a shopaholic chances are that you would know 85 % of the times what you are aiming for and where will you get it. There is a bag in your favorite store which you wanted forever? Hit the store early in the morning and pick it up. Browsing through a selection of clothes, handbags and shoes? Aim at the utility first! We all end up purchasing stuff we never really use during the sale. Visualize what you can wear/ style up with what to give you a better idea as a lot of stuff like shoes/ clothes/ handbags/ sunglasses etc will stand out beautifully on its own but distort the melody of your outfit. You love those shoes? Ah they are beautiful babies! But hang on, you are not purchasing the shoes for showcasing are you? Nor you will wear just the shoes and walk naked since their beauty disgraces other essentials now would you? God gifted us with an astonishing sense of visualization, use it. Do not let the television get better of you. Purchasing is not the quest, aiming what you want and how would you use it is. Aim carefully and you will make a better judgement skillfully.


3) Paper Over Plastics!
Plastics, as always told, are worse of their kind! Swiping your card in any shop post sale is so much easier. The sad truth is using credit/ debit card to shop is the biggest mistake of all. Cards tend to lie as they remain intact before and after swipe. The pinch and guilt goes missing with a card only to come back with an army of shame during the Bill repayment. Whereas the pretty paper money gives you a bigger picture of reality on your face. The wallet goes thinner and keeps you aware of the purchases made.


Hope the tips help, happy shopping!