Hello Lovelies!

I had updated my last post here regarding Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield Sunscreen Protect that I have been using for nearly 6 months now. Lancome UV Expert GN-Shieldis definately burns our pocket for its priced at nearly INR 3500 for 30 ml only. It is not very economic using this sunscreen for the rest of the body for daily use looking at the price range. So, I resorted to one of the best cheaper alternatives available in Indian Markets: Neutrogena Utlra Sheer Dry touch. I have used Lotus in the past including the sunscreen and sun-spray , however, I wanted to try a different one with good reviews. My main purpose for getting the sunscreen was for Goa so I wanted a waterproof less greasy formula.

Neutrogena Utlra Sheer Dry touch (L) Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield (R)

Neutrogena Utlra Sheer Dry touch (L)
Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield (R)

What does the product offers?

  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB
  • Water resistant (80min)
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Oil-Free
  • PABA-free

The product comes in a twist-up tube with an optimum opening to avoid wastage of the product. The pricing is pretty decently at INR 550 for 88mL so its optimum for protecting your body every day. It contains Helioplex technology which uses Avobenzone stabilized with Oxybenzone and DEHN, effectively providing better, longer protection from harmful UVA rays. I do not see the level of protection in terms of PA+, PA++ or PA+++ mentioned on the tube or website though.

Neutrogena Utlra Sheer Dry touch

The product claims to be fast absorbing and and dry touch. The Sun- Screen is a thick white paste like cream which leaves a white layer on the body which has to be rubbed twice or so to ensure that it has been absorbed properly. Somehow, I personally felt that my skin tanned more on the areas where I had applied Neutrogena compared to my Lancome one. It has a strong floral essence added so sensitive skinned people may want to keep an eye out for allergies. It is indeed a dry-touch cream as the description says but I do not like the way it feels on my face. I prefer to use this Protection over my body as I do not like the melting-away-under-the-sun-feeling I get! It gives the skin an ‘oily and greasy’ look and slippery base which is a turn off for me.

Overall its a mediocre option looking at the price range and amount of sunscreen offered. May be I had super high hopes with the product since Neutrogena is such a good affordable brand!

Ratings: 3.35/5