Garnier Pure Active Real Neem Face Wash

We all have our pimple free young faces which can get destroyed as proceed towards adolescence. Since I am already over my teenage days, I realize how much impact having a clear skin make in our lives. I know the difference it makes to a persons confidence and beauty.

Acne is a spoilt wild child which can show up anytime in various forms like whiteheads, blackheads, boils etc. It can cause severe pain and love your skin reluctantly enough to leave its marks forever. Oh! it can even reproduce and give you tiny acne babies…!

Makeup is a magic word, yes, but its a pain spending hours to cover up the marks on your skin. I have seen the painful scars telling a story of the war that the skin had to go through during the teenage years.

What causes Acne?

There can be multiple reason for those painful erupting boils, from hormonal changes to dusty ambiance. You can not avoid sweat, dust and dirt unless you plan to hide in this country! We can always take precautions by using the right products at the right time.

Garnier Pure Active Real Neem Face wash

What does the Product claim?

It contains real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts:

1) Fights germs: Washes away problem causing germs.

2) Fights Pollution: deep cleans pores to remove impurities caused by pollution.

3) Removes Oil: Washes away excess oil which attracts dirt & germs.

What do I love about the product?

  • Consists Tree Tea Oil- Tree Tea oil has been a renowned ingredient for reducing pores and inducing soothing and cooling effect on the skin. It also soaks the excess oil which attracts more dust causing pimples.
  • Consists Neem- Neem clears the skin, removes the dirt and kills the acne causing bacteria.
  • Mild fresh fragrance.
  • Gel like consistency- Apt for sweaty seasons and oily/ combination skin types.
  • Price- Its priced at INR 90 for 100 ml!
  • Shelf Life- 36 months
  • Travel Friendly
  • Easily available
  • Easy application and produces good amount of leather.


  • Can increase the dryness of skin during winters.
  • Does not work on waterproof eye-makeup (Which is okay since the facewash was meant to fight the acne!)

Ratings: A-

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Did you try the inexpensive acne solution yet?