Hola Beauties!

There have been two things I have gone insane over this season.. Polka Dots and True Love’s Kiss. True Love’s Kiss is a Medium bright Red launched recently in India by Mac as a part of their Maleficent collection. The color is slightly more orange compared to Riri Woo and nearly a shade deeper as compared to Retro Matte’s Dangerous. The slight shimmer and sheen gives an impeccable application as the lipstick glides on the lips. I will be truthful here, I adore red and I am deeply fascinated by the name chosen for this lipstick! Somehow, the lipstick gave me a natural pout in every picture plus the vanilla essence of a Mac lipstick is delicious and yummy… When in doubt, wear true love’s kiss!

Apart from Fringes and Bohemia fashion, I have spotted these cute little specks everywhere from Jumpsuits to Dresses. I recently ordered a River Island mid-length skirt in polka dots! I can never have enough of this retro trend. Polka Dots are fun and girly which makes them perfect for the summer! Throw a denim shirt over any girly attire to turn it into a smart and casual lazy-weekend outfit. Denim shirts are a must for every girl’s wardrobe. Denims will never go out of fashion till brands like Diesel exists! You can wear it as a shirt with Jeans and shoes or three-fourth leggings and relaxed loafers for a more easy-going look. An elegant Dress/ Skirt can be made chic instantly with this one simple piece of clothing! Oh, and we can NOT leave out the shorts here.. See, a denim shirt complements almost everything! Here I go with my multi-purpose rules again! Gah…

Outfit Details-
Sun-Glasses: Zara
Neck-piece: Forever 21
Belt: Ann Taylor (Gifted)
Polka Dot Dress: Zara
Back-Pack: Forever 21
Cut-out shoes: Forever 21
Denim Shirt: Mango
On My Lips: True Love’s Kiss by Mac
Bullet: Belongs to my photographer.. 😛
Photobomber: Unintentional

~Keep playing with the dots!
Polka Dot Lover and her True Love’s Kiss!