Tear-Drop Earring: Forever New (Old)
Red Georgette Saree c/o Triveni Sarees

No better place exists than home and your own culture. The roots of love and blood that flowed through the veins of our ancestral generation, will always remind us of the grace and beauty they fought to protect and keep. Its one thing to observe and learn new traditions and another to keep yours locked safely in the deepest and safest corner of your heart, just in case you forgot your way back home.

A deeply cultured Triveni Sarees gave me this splendid opportunity to honour and cherish my culture through their lovely Sarees and Lehenga collection. I love shopping online for it saves a lot of time and energy but was always skeptical about shopping for Sarees online! Oh dear, this Saree was my love at first sight when the package arrived with the perfect blend of color and grace. This also happens to be my first go at wearing the Saree myself, during the shoot for this look, a piece of cake and mystery undone. I was not too happy with my previous shoot as my makeup and accessories did not justify the elegance of this ravishing Saree, so here I am out of the closet again with the night look!

Do check out their collection for the budget friendly, vast-variety of Sarees and Lehenga that are bound to live up-to your expectations! The Red Saree, I am wearing for the shoot, went out of stock shortly after I placed the order so I can not put up that link but you can visit their website: http://www.trivenisarees.com

~ The Colorful!