Too Faced: Melted Strawberry ♥

Melted Strawberry Melted Strawberry



I had already order melted fig which I found to be surprisingly alright despite the hype. May be its the color, which is beautiful- no doubt, but just not something I fell in love with. I do love the amazing pigmentation and awesome gloss effects these lipsticks have.

This year, while going through the too faced spring summer 2015 collection, melted strawberry caught my eye (I think its the name plus the beautiful red!)

These lipsticks are priced at $21 each.

What do I love about Melted Strawberry?

Everything! Its a gorgeous color firstly that is bound to suit any skin tone. I admire the tube shape lipstick with a secure rotating lock cap instead of the classic tube lipsticks with a click lock.  It gives an amazing glossy effect and full coverage. Its smooth, easy to apply and highly pigmented. The lipstick should last for atleast 6- 8 hours on your lips. If you wear it through your dinner, the gloss effect will be lost but the pigmentation will stay strong on your lips evenly!

What did I not like?

The glossy effect fades off within 2 hours or so, I wish it would have stayed longer on the lips to give the melted effect! Nonetheless, the color is long-lasting so it covers up for the lost glossy shine.

Avoid using too much force while taking out the product or your lips may end up with a lot of lip-color.

Melted Strawberry

Blog Rating- A+

Too Faced: Melted Fig

I know, I took my time (More than a year) to write this review, but I thought I might as well put it down since I was going to post melted strawberry!

Melted Fig Melted Fig Melted Fig




There is no difference in the packaging for melted fig and melted strawberry (except for the color difference); Like Melted Strawberry, melted fig also comes in a squeeze tube with a rotating cap.

Melted Fig

Melted fig is a purple-pink color which makes it perfect for daytime. It has a good pigmentation and application with the tube is very easy. I found this color less glossy (little bit) as compared to Melted Strawberry which is one downside I dint like. Apart from that its a gorgeous color by itself!

Blog Rating- A+