The Body shop- Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

Skin ages with time and sadly I don’t have the flawless skin I once used to given to my lifestyle. Lack proper healthy food, irregular sleep hours and not to forget the intense amount of pollution our skins endures each day. It leads to skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads or pimples which in turn results into ugly pores.

Unless a rigorous skin care routine is followed at least twice a day, we can not have the desired angelic skin (Urgh! that is what s lack, time and patience). So during one of my ‘casual’ shopping visits to the body-shop I stumbled upon this promising looking product: Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. Though, I got this one long back I kept the product at bay until now.

Who should continue reading my review?

  • You are looking for a solution for the horrible pores that attracts more and more dust particles!
  • You want a purer looking skin.
  • You want a minimiser that smoothes and primes your skin instantly.
  • You are hoping for a mattifying minimiser for your skin.
  • Looking for a ideal base for your make-up.

I will always say that I love body shop! The products may not last for longer duration on your skin/ body but they are extremely reliable when it comes to quality. I know that I may end up purchasing a product which is not ‘wow’ but at least I wont get any adverse effects and end up looking like a witch minus the super long nose.


The Pore Minimiser comes in compact travel friendly opaque tube with twist up over cap. Its tiny size makes it perfect for the trips!

The Body shop- Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

Personal take on the product:

Its an off-white thick water based fluid which is apt for the skin. The smell is refreshing and very strong which I surprisingly like but it may serve as a turn off for some of you. The product stands true to TBS claim as a mattifying cream. I could see the significant reduction in the pore size post its usage which is a plus point though the pores were still visible. Sadly, it does nothing to the blackheads on my nose but then I would be asking too much out of it… I avoid using it on my entire face on the daily basis since I have a combination skin so it tends to burn slightly on my drier area (Ouch)! Its perfect for the slightly oily areas where it mattifies the excess oil and leaves us feeling fresh making it perfect for summers!

The Body shop- Tea Tree Pore Minimiser


  1. Noticeable reduction of pores post application.
  2. Mattifying effect perfect for oily areas.
  3. Can be used as make-up base as it works well as a primer and evens out the skin tone and texture.
  4. Cruelty Free
  5. Gel/ Water base lotion which keeps the skin hydrated, refreshed and soft.
  6. More appropriate for summers.


  1. Contains alcohol which may lead to irritation for some.
  2. Burns a bit over dry areas during application due to strong alcohol content.
  3. Strong smell which lasts a minute or two. (I personally don’t mind it)
  4. Over priced as the 30 mL tube costs 1295/

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Will I Purchase it again?

Mostly no, though I liked the product but I still feel its over priced. I will be trying out the other primers and pore minimiser to find the perfect one for my skin care routine!

How well do you follow your skin care routine?