When the inspiration strikes, it’s drawn towards you through the darkest corners of your life. I have been on a path of salvation for over a month as I ditch the most important people and moments for peace and to torment myself with regrets. The night falling on my precious dreams and aspirations has been fading away the power of words I cosseted my entire life.

I spent my Saturday closed up in the four walls of my room, eating home cooked noodles and goggling at online stores for window shopping! Ridhima Bhandari, who is an influential blogger in terms of her writing and spirits (and my sister), managed to drag me out for an exceptional bloggers’ meet she had planned for the lot. Unlike the usual brand promotions and antagonistic bloggers’ meet, I met humans from different parts of the city pouring their heart and souls to the web-pages of the internet.

I hate to admit that I had to almost kick myself out of the bed anticipating pessimistically of the long day ahead. You can not run away from your own blood now can you? The shadow of my nearly broken heart drowns me in a meloncholy nowadays as I fail to see beyond the discrepancy of my own thoughts. I have been struggling to pen down my feelings like never before or rather avoiding the natural. Meeting the pioneers of their own-self, casted a ray of light I have been missing out on, given to the protracted circumstances. Finally, I found my own voice back that I had bolted for the wrongs.

The ambitious 16 year old to the triumphant 50 years old lit the fire I let go of, earlier this year. From serene of a house-wife for having a loving husband as the guinea pig for her scrumptious cooking, to a valiant warrior standing up for human rights, putting his own safety at risk. The obsessed techie and the shy poet, they all made their way for a serendipitous union of the voice today.

I listened keenly as each of them spoke of their passions, pulling me back from the edge of the cliff I have been dancing on, lifting my spirits. They stirred the burning love of my letters as I finally found my dreamy-path back after an eternity.

Here is the list of the inspiring personalities I met voicing their soul through words:

Hope you will enjoy their blogs as much as I did!

~Much Love: A Thoughtful Shopaholic.. 🙂