DIY- Floral Garden Nail Art

Who could have imagined nails as a canvas, open all the time to show off your creativity? When I first started painting my nails, never realized I could draw on them too! Girls, who are new to this concept, often find nail art pictures mesmerizing while checking them out on the internet. However, trying them is out of the question. Like most of the girls, I also tried to keep my nails restricted to any nail art with lines and dots only. Those lavish pictures and scenes seemed to be a bit diffic

Wrath of Mumbai Auto-Rikshaws!

Relief was the first reaction followed by a happy face when my auto rickshaw driver waded through the walls of great traffic and ensured I reach office on time today. I could have kissed the top of his head if only he was not so sweaty and my action would have not provoked assault/ rape in the middle of a busy day! When I say 'my' rickshaw-wala I mean 'my partially' for the moment owned riksha, whom, under any other circumstances I would be cursing inevitably. The change of perception can be