Guest Post: Ongoing Party Trends #Update

Dressing up stunningly is the last thing on one’s mind during monsoon season. Heavy rains, flooded roads, damp weather, humid air and muddy roads are all set to turn your gorgeous flowy dress into hideous pile of dirt. But when it is about looking gorgeous for a party, no one can stop a Fashionista. She will step out of the house and with bang on style. Fashion is not wearing expensive clothing and accessories but carrying them right as per the weather, style trend and fashion trend going on.

DIY- Floral Garden Nail Art

Who could have imagined nails as a canvas, open all the time to show off your creativity? When I first started painting my nails, never realized I could draw on them too! Girls, who are new to this concept, often find nail art pictures mesmerizing while checking them out on the internet. However, trying them is out of the question. Like most of the girls, I also tried to keep my nails restricted to any nail art with lines and dots only. Those lavish pictures and scenes seemed to be a bit diffic