Don’t we all just love the rains? Except the days when we have to go to school/ college or work.. Err.. Wait a minute I forgot to mention the dates and classy places for we have to resort to strong foot-wears!

Mumbai Rain gods finally showed their mercy and have been drenching their children with tears of joy and love (This love turns into a terror when it rains continuously for more than a few hours given to the awesome drainage system which leads to clogged pathways!). I have been crushing on moustaches for a while now, aren’t they cute? I guess I will put that down on my ‘perfect guy list’- must-have-an-awesome-moustache! 😀

Jokes apart, whats a fun outfit for spring? Bold Prints, short skirts, hot-pants, cropped tops, sneakers, something yellow, something pink and something floral to pump up the gloomy mood!

I love this outfit for its flirty and comfortable. Spring is all about being free and feeling the ambience and good weather. I did not bother to hide the bruises I have on my legs (All hail to extra-sporty and careless me since childhood!). The rain and the wind symbolises freedom and fun (and a high messy bun) for each of us. The Clouds call for loose flowy skirts, smart flats/ wedges and colourful outlook.

I am going Ga-Ga over my Givenchy’s Le Rouge Lipstick number 304! Its such a spring color: Coral- Orange which instantly brightens any outfit and lifts your dull face!.. The color is so versatile that I am sure it will suit most of the skin tones which is an added advantage since it has a good stay-time on the lips. The lipstick is super creamy, glides on your lips during application, and wears off evenly leaving a sweet stain behind.

I have been keeping super busy with a few upcoming projects.. Shh.. I am not allowed to give out the details just yet! But stay tuned for more updates!