Weekends are a blessing in disguise! My week passes by in a swish for I look forward to my Fridays (4 more days to go!). Anyways, I stalked Zara for nearly over a month for this striped jacket for I had this look haunting me every night and I wanted to shoot it (Plus I loved this jacket for its so unique). The funny thing is how you really crave for something and don’t get it immediately but then days later, it shows up in front of you when you were least expecting it. I followed up with Zara (Stalking is an understatement, I am surprised they have not blocked me yet) almost everyday, all three stores in Mumbai for nearly 2- 3 weeks. I had given up all the hopes of finding my desired one and went random shopping a month later ┬ájust to stumble upon this beauty (Got a bit lucky with this one.. Lil joys of life!).

Outfit Details-
White linen shirt: Marks & Spencer’s
Boy-friend Jeans: Zara
White Box clutch: Forever 21
Striped jacket: Zara
On my eyes: Naked Palette 2
On my lips: Playtime by Mac
Neck-piece: Forever New
Heels: Zara

Mumbai’s weather God is hell bent on punishing us with humid weather and fake hope of rains! The sweat makes it impossible to stand outside for a single minute. I have had a rather rough last month (guess that would explain my mysterious disappearing) plus the heat is unbearable. How to balance the heat and yet look chic? I would say stick to right colors and materials. I find linen ├╝ber comfortable and light for summers. I prefer loose and light material along with summer whites to beat the sweat. I hate body hugging clothes for they stick to your body along with your sweat and dismay!

Summer and spring is a time to lock up the elite dresses for evenings and explore a throwback side of yours. Messy buns, jumpsuits and loose bohe style is how I love to dress up at this time of the year! I am in love with my new jacket! It goes with almost everything from dresses to skirts to jeans! Plus the material is cotton so ha! I beat you on this one Mumbai heat!

I have been dying to do a proper Saree shoot I had mentioned earlier about but the humidity makes it impossible… I usually don’t sweat much but right now I can’t live without the Air Conditioner. I have been eyeing a dry shampoo by bumble & bumble for nearly two months now… Can’t wait to get my hands on it… A dry shampoo is a must for weather like this for a last minute date. You can’t show u with hair sticking everywhere now can you?

I promise to be a bit more regular with my blog posts and yes! I will be back very soon with my Saree look!!

Beat the heat and stay chic!