Holla Beauties!

As kiddish as it may seem I love Valentine’s week. Love is in the air filled with new teenager hopes and good vibes. Some people detest and some people melt away on the love song sung for an entire week! So my boy-friend of two years gave me a huge baby pink teddy yesterday (Finally). Actually he got it for me two years ago but couldn’t give for some reason or the other so I had to practically threaten him into doing it… and got a ‘I-have-no-space to-keep-that-thing’ look from my stunned mum. I practically dragged him to my place, guess I am evil like that.

Anyways, stories apart, I find it tough being a girl some times. You have to be a big girl and earn, spend on your clothes, make-up, body and hair products and not to mention the numerous expensive solutions we run after to get the perfect extra glow!

Somehow we always end up paying up a bomb after reading so many reviews online! I know for I have been there and done that and I guess I still do whenever I want to pamper myself. May be its because home- remedies usually mentioned are either too much of hassle to prepare or too tough to find. What if I can point out a few things easy to come by? Its very basic and most of us are aware of it and use it on daily basis!

Tried and Tested for lazy hazy beauties-
1) Milk:
Fact: Milk works fabulously on our skin and makes it baby soft!
Application: As easy as it can get, pour half a mug of milk in your bathing water (Yes! Stay away from shower for a day and take bath the old way). The skin gets super soft post bath and you can feel the difference! You can change the quantity according to your will. It may smell a bit funny at first but the results are worth it. If you don’t want to plunge into Milk-Water straight away you can test by washing your face with it for a quick check.
Issue: I know you prefer skimmed milk to control the fats but your body doesn’t. Let the fresh cream spread its gleam and buttery soft feel to your skin as well.

2) Raw Turmeric:
Fact: Turmeric is the king of spices and diseases. You have cold? Drink Turmeric Milk. Got hurt? Apply Turmeric! One solution to so many may problems!
Application: Turmeric is a sacred spice for all the benefits it has to offer. Sadly, nowadays we get adulterated turmeric more than the natural one which can pose a danger to our health instead of improving it. So how do we do without this blessing of God? We try and look for raw turmeric at its purest.

  • Take the raw turmeric and grind in a mixer. You can store it in the freezer for a few days. Take bath with it and use it as a soap all over your body. It will brighten up your skin tone and give you a clearer complexion killing those bacteria resulting in the facial flaws! Since, its an excellent healer it will heal your pimples and boils as well.
  • Take a small chunk of raw turmeric and keep it under your teeth. Keep sucking on to the juices it release for 15 minutes. It will cleanse your body internally and keep your fighting fit against a lot of diseases. It will save your pearly white making your smile perfect in time for Valentine’s Day.

Issue: Loose turmeric powder is very common but raw turmeric isn’t. But then, no gain without any pain right? Its one of the best things a girl can have without spending a bomb.

3) Gram- Flour or Chickpea Flour:
Its a edible ingredient used for making tasty sweets and other dishes so all the food lovers are bound to keep it handy!
Application: Use it like a scrub for scrubbing the dead skin and impurities off your face. It lighten’s up your skin tone, fights blemishes, scrape off the pimples and blackheads and much more! If you are like me you probably don’t get into the trouble of creating face-packs. Its a ray of hope amongst the lost way despite being such a slack. 😛
Issue: Too much of adulteration around the Gram Flour, especially in India. Despite being the perfect face scrub I tend to stumble upon a fake one at times where I can feel the difference in the original and adulterated one! So beware!

4) Water:
The water is in abundance on the earth we live (Though not all of it is usable of course). We are incomplete without water for out body itself is filled with more water than anything else!
Application: I wrote application for fun! No application involved here.. Its a known fact that water acts as a cleansing agent and cleans out bodies within which in turn gives us fresh glowing skin each day. Lets face it… fast life, office fights where is time? We often forget to drink abundant water during the day then how to manage? Drink at-least 1 ltr of water before sleeping (Preferably Luke Warm) each day. You will notice the glow and difference from the first day itself. Your skin will brighten up, blemishes will disappear and you will wake up each day with a natural morning glow. Water really opens up the pores and is more effective if taken before sleeping.
Issue: You may have a tiresome mornings for a few days since you will be running off to the washroom at midnight to pee (Sorry about that one)!

5) Ice:
Just the way water molecules bond together to form the ice cubes, Ice works the same way on your open pores, it minimizes them.
Application: An Instant date and tired dead looking skin? Grab 2- 3 ice cubes and rub it gently across your face in small circular motion.

  • Your pores will be notably reduced within seconds and your face will glow with freshness.
  • Kneading in circular motion will improve your blood flow which will bring your tired face skin to life and help in prevention of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.
  • It also helps the sunburn effected areas by soothing it down.
  • Ice works on Acne, heat boils, blackheads and whiteheads too. There is a notable reduction in the swelling.

Issue: The icey chill if not applied properly can get excruciating ( Okay I am exaggerating). However, do not over-use the ice on your face 🙂

6) Honey:
The sweet and harmless looking golden liquid can work exuberantly on retaining the beauty of the skin.
Application: Massage your face in small gentle circular strokes with little bit of honey and leave it on your face for 15 minutes. Wash with water to get the soft and smoother looking healthy skin.

  • It can act as anti-aging agent and natural moisturizer (That would save our thousands spent on huge brands!)
  • Its also contains anti-microbial properties and natural antioxidant to protect the skin from piercing sun- rays which causes sun- burn, freckles and early aging.
  • It rejuvenates the skin and gives it a refreshing soft, silky and youthful look.
  • It has an ability to lock and retain the moisture. The skin gets well hydrated, fresh and supple due to its absorbing quality.

Issue: Try it and try not to lick it off.. 😛
It can feel itchy and weird but then ‘Things we do for Fashion’

7) Lemons:
Skin care is incomplete without Lemons! They consist of healthy Vitamins, Calcium and Potassium which are good for brightening the skin.
Application: Dilute few lemon drops with water and apply on your face. Leave it for 10 mins and rinse the lemon juice off. It can also be used mixed with honey or with honey, turmeric and chickpea powder mixed together.

  • It works on acne and removes the blackheads.
  • It can help you lighten the skin, blemishes and dark spots.
  • It works wonder on the oily skin and cleanse the face and body by removing the dirt and killing the bacteria’s.

Issue: It can burn in case you have dry skin so be careful with the quantity of lemon juice used. Avoid using it over the cuts and excessive sun-burns.

Hope you have fun with the easy breezy way of keeping your skin healthy without harming your pocket!
Have a love- filled week ahead!



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    • I would be glad to help.. 🙂

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