Colourpop Review- Fetch Please, Between The Sheets and Swift
Colourpop Review- Fetch Please   Colourpop Cosmetics Between The Sheets and Swift

Colourpop Cosmetics- Fetch Please:

Colourpop Cosmetics- Fetch Please



Packaging: I love the super cute packaging for colourpop products! They chirp the flirty spring song happily in my ears every time I look at those beautiful bright colors. The Eye-shadows come in a classy white box with half transparent cap and colourpop written on the top. Instead of using the classic flip covers they have opted for tight rotating caps that secures the product inside the box. Shades Included:

  • Eye-shadows: Lovey Dovey– (True mid-tone grey/Matte Finish), Hunger– (Deep maroon/Matte Finish), Just a Sip– (Warm dusty peach/Matte Finish), Squint– (Neon Orange-Red/Matte Pressed Pigment), Liaison– (Vivid Violet-Blue/Matte Pressed Pigment)
  • Lippie Sticks- Squeeze– (Soft mauve pink / Matte Finish), Precocious – (Pale muted nude / Matte Finish), Paramour – (Deep dark blackberry / Matte Finish)


Colourpop Cosmetics- Fetch Please

The colors included are absolutely beautiful as you can see in the swatches. The eye-shadows were surprisingly soft and smooth. Liaison has a bit of color consistency issue during application but I love all the other colors. Colourpop Cosmetics- Fetch Please   Colourpop Cosmetics- Fetch Please   Colourpop Cosmetics- Fetch Please


Colourpop Cosmetics- Fetch Please

The lippie-sticks are gorgeous (unlike their name) and creamy. It glides on your lips like butter which is amazing.

  1. Precocious –  Though I loved this color the moment I saw, I cant wear it too often. It doesn’t suit my skin tone at all. Precocious is a pale, muted nude color in matte finish. It gives you sheer to medium coverage. You will have to apply this lippie-stick a couple of times to get the desired full coverage.
  2. Squeeze: Its a very pretty pink mauve shade which is very close to Mac’s Please Me. I loved this color for it is a very beautiful every-day pink shade to carry in your bag. It gives a medium to full coverage on your lips.
  3. Paramour- Its a beautiful bold burgundy shade described as- dark blackberry as per the website. It provides full coverage in one swatch. I’ve noticed a lot of deep dark colors on the spring lips for 2015, nonetheless I love this shade.

This palette is priced at $30

Overall Rating: A-

Colourpop Cosmetics- Between the sheets and swift

Colourpop Cosmetics Between The Sheets and Swift


The blushes have the same round (bigger) containers like the eye-shadows- complete white with a transparent top cap. The caps are rotating caps which guarantees the security but can get annoying if we are running out of time or if we ever lock it too tightly.

Colourpop Cosmetics Between The Sheets and Swift



Colourpop Cosmetics Between The Sheets and Swift
Between the sheets and Swift are a part of Colourpop’s Supershock Cheek collection.

Between the Sheets is described as a mid-tone beige pink in a matte finish. The product is highly pigmented and gives a very subtle naturally flushed look to the cheeks. Its a very safe color to buy, to be frank!

Swift is A rich deep warm brown in a matte finish. It is beautiful blush that works as a blusher as well as bronzer. Both the blushes are smooth and highly pigmented. I had a bit of difficulty in picking up the product using my fingers though, the blush is so softly packed that I felt I could dig a hole through the product with my finger (May be I should keep it at a cooler temperature). Both the blushes are priced at $8 each (Hurray for their prices!).

Colourpop suggests using fingers instead of brushes for best coverage!

Overall Rating: A-

What do I love about colourpop?

  • Varieties
  • Low Pricing
  • Good Quality
  • Amazing support services and cute personalized message on each order.
  • They don’t test on animals.. 🙂



  1. How did you order it? I couldn’t find shipping to india option on their website.

    • Hey Pooja,

      I ordered through a friend who was coming back from US; they don’t have an option for international delivery yet. If you have anyone who can get the order for you/ you can try PPO box, do that! Their products are amazing and a really good customer service as well.

      • Thanks! I’ll surely try PPO box.