Through the Shopaholic Eyes: Tip 1

I was, I am and I think I always will be a shopaholic. The Clearance Sale has started almost everywhere and there is no turning back once the Card has been swiped! Usually the companies do not offer Exchanges/ Refund for the sale merchandises. Shopaholisam is an Art which many fail to understand and use. Shopaholics are always blamed for going over the board and are often considered compulsive. Especially during the Sale period where we often end up buying stuff which are neit

Home Remedies: Valentine’s Treat

Holla Beauties! As kiddish as it may seem I love Valentine's week. Love is in the air filled with new teenager hopes and good vibes. Some people detest and some people melt away on the love song sung for an entire week! So my boy-friend of two years gave me a huge baby pink teddy yesterday (Finally). Actually he got it for me two years ago but couldn't give for some reason or the other so I had to practically threaten him into doing it... and got a 'I-have-no-space to-keep-that-thing' look from

A Valentine’s Pout

A Valentine's Pout Hola Lovelies! Its a bright sunny day outside with slight warm pleasant climate. I have been keeping busy with the helping my folks with the New Home shifting and all. I have not shot any look in almost over a week now and can not tell you how many of t

Shopping Tips 2: Stand up for your rights!

Hey Everyone! Have you ever experienced feeling cheated/ insulted as you walked into a store for shopping? Or has the attendant ever left you feeling indebted for burning a hole through your pocket! Duh, wake up, do not keep quite towards such injustice. Well I have to share one of my  worse experiences ever at the Inglot Store (India, Bandra). So this Friday I had gone to Inglot and purchased a Freedom eye shadow palette and refills. Since the Billing Machine was not functioning properly, th