We all love the idea of Valentine’s Day.. Okay, may be not all of us but quite a handful all over the internet reading this article.

I was in my office the other day talking about my recent package (Happy Thoughts!) : My Valentine’s Day shopping, where I got engaged in a heated argument about Valentine’s Day futility and my incorrect notion. A Lot of people find Valentine’s Day superfluous and over-rated and may be so it is. However, have we ever taken few seconds out of our hectic every day schedule to give it a thought why? Its easy being a sheep and keeping your thoughts inside a sealed box but how is being a rebel and just saying that Valentine’s Day is utterly useless any more helpful? Sadly, we have more of rebels or sheep among us instead of an intense cogitation. We formulate our words around the ongoing affairs after listening and choosing the script, we never ‘think’ of writing one of our own.

Valentine’s Day: People say its a waste of time and love does not need a day to flourish but then, does it not amongst the frenzied schedule? Why do we celebrate our B’day each year? Wasn’t that one time/ one moment enough? Why celebrate the ageing destiny? Or the marriage anniversary? Isn’t the celebration and love intended to cherish the beautiful moment each year or is it the braggart that marks our date?

Love is an eternal word that thousands of people giveaway every second. The feverous routine leaves no space for the partner or your kins. Valentine’s day is an excuse for taking 5 minutes out of your daily restlessness and celebrate your love! So, do I mean to say that people who think Valentine’s Day is worthless are erroneous? Umm, well as much as I would love to say yes (*Wink*) I believe to each its own. Who am I to think for you?

Though, for me, Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to shop and splurge. It gives me one day extra to celebrate love and happy thoughts. I revive my body and mind through Spa and other treatments to look perfect. Now, is it utterly necessary or should everyone do this? Well I don’t know, this is my personal idea of celebration and I think you should find yours too!

Valentine’s Day is no longer associated only with the ‘lovers’. Each year there is an interesting increase in number of people who celebrate this day with their family. People who take 2 seconds out of the feverous routine to select a card for their loved ones and post it. Celebrating or Loving someone does not make any belief fallacious nor does detesting a day but being opinionated and short sighted on else’s belief does.

Irony: ‘Valentine’ is a Latin word which means: Worthy/ Strong.